Wellcome 100% Swiss Made more than 1000 Molds gegründet im Jahr 1985

Traditional Recipe for
Springerle Molds

There is hardly another cookie that has been baked for the past few hundred years with the same love and care as the Springerle. With the same devotion, the molds are used for beautiful tragacanth ornaments, paper reliefs, marzipan and spicy Springerle.


Photo Recipe
  Photo series: How to make a Springerle?
You can see how a fine, charming Springerle is made step-by-step here.
Recipe for Springerle
  Recipe for Springerle
This will show you how to make your perfect Springerle with powdered sugar, flour, eggs, and some anise.
Cupcake and Cakes
  Cupcakes and Cakes
Cookie molds are often used for decorating cupcakes and cakes.
  Decorative Tragacanth Ornaments
This will tell you where tragacanth comes from and how you can make accurate tragacanth ornaments on your own.
Paper Reliefs
  Paper Reliefs
Make decorative cards out of a mold-embossed paper mass. We will show you how to do it here.

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