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Here you will learn what Änis-Paradies is, the significance of Springerle cookie molds and much more ...


Linus Feller, ownder of Änis-Paradies (english: Anise Paradise) is a market vendor, cookie molds manufacturer, researcher, book author and exhibitor. Petra Mösli is the kind soul, who works behind the scenes with so much joy and passion. We have been building Änis-Paradies for 30 years in conjunction with our employees.

Where do your Springerle cookie molds come from?

Our Springerle cookie molds are replicas of old and new originals that are privately owned or found in museums. Were it not for the trust and support of private lenders, it would be impossible for us to provide you with these replicas of valuable original molds.

From what material are your molds made?

The molds are made from a casting resin that was developed by us specifically for our mold purposes. Our molds are non-stick and ideally suited for making cookies, decorating pastries and crafting. We guarantee quality with respect to the material, design and workmanship. Our Springerle molds are unbreakable, waterproof and constitute an investment for life.

Are your cookie molds food-safe?

Our molds have been certified by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) for food safety. According to the test report of July 2000 our molds are ideally suited for use with foodstuffs.

What is the correct way to clean the cookie molds?

Our molds are resistant to breakage and waterproof. For best results, you can wash the molds and use a brush to clean them off. Do not allow dough residue to harden in the mold. If you have dried up dough in your mold, soak it in water until the dough residue has softened and the mold can be cleaned perfectly. If you are working with several molds at the same time, place the molds that have already been used in water and then clean all of them after you have finished making your biscuits and cookies.

Can you also manufacture cookie molds with a requested design?

Our molds are replicas of existing old and new original wooden molds. If you would like to have a mold with a desired design of your own, the best thing to do would be to consult a good mold carver.

Where can we buy your Springerle cookie molds?

Switzerland and Europe

You can easily order molds and accessories via the internet by ordering online or visit our stand at a market.

Other countries

All orders in the online shop from countries outside of Switzerland are delivered from Germany. If you order molds and accessories via the internet by clicking on ordering online, we will promptly inform you about the shipping costs and delivery process.

What are the shipping conditions and the general business terms and conditions?

Shipping costs

We charge a shipping rate of 8.50 CHF for postage and packing within Switzerland. Shipping for orders of 150 CHF and more is free of charge. Orders from Germany and the EU countries are shipped from Germany. For orders shipping within Germany, we charge 5.50 EUR for postage and packing, shipping is free of charge for orders of 150 EUR and more. Shipping to other EU countries for less as 1kg is Euro 9.90, more than 1kg Euro 15.90. Shipping rates for all other countries are Euro 12.90 up to 1kg, Euro 19.90 up to 2kg, (incl. insurance of merchandise up to Euro 500.00), sended as large letter WITHOUT track & trace. Costs for track & trace depend on the country and vary. Please ask for details. Outside Switzerland and Germany we do not offer free shipping.

Shipping rates for other countries are in compliance with international postal rates. Upon receipt of your order, we will inform you promptly of shipping costs and delivery terms.

Retail prices

All retail prices in Swiss francs (CHF) include 7.7 % Swiss sales tax and prices in Euros include 19% value-added tax for Germany. Retail prices in Swiss francs (CHF) are only valid for sales within Switzerland. For sales or deliveries in countries other than Switzerland, look for retail prices in Euro in the online shop. Retail prices in Euro are valid for all countries other than Switzerland.


We accept the return of all items sold, within 20 days, if they are in perfect condition. Items must be returned in the correct packaging at the customer's expense. Shipments without the correct postage cannot be accepted.

Delivery periods / additional deliveries

Additional deliveries are annoying for you and for us. Unfortunately, it can happen that an item offered cannot be delivered immediately. Any missing item will be delivered as soon as possible afterwards.

Shipping risk

Items are shipped at the risk of the recipient. Insurance for registered post is available at the expense of the recipient upon request.

Payment terms

In Switzerland and in Germany, we normally deliver on account, but in individual cases we reserve the right to require payment in advance. Our invoices are payable within 30 days after delivery. To countries other than Switzerland and Germany, we deliver only after prepayment. Prepayment is made after invoicing via PayPal or SEPA bank transfer.

Privacy Statement

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions listed here, please also note our Privacy Statement in which we explain your rights and the way we handle your personal data.



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