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A Warm Welcome

The Swiss Specialty Company for Springerle

At the Anise Paradise, you will find more than 1000 different traditional cookie molds for Springerle, anise cookies, tragacanth, marzipan, paper casting, Speculatius cookies, cupcake decoration, Lebkuchen gingerbread, Tirggel and many other beautiful things ...


Springerle Molds Are Made with Swiss Quality

Our Springerle molds are reproductions of old and new original wood molds that are privately owned or in museums. These non-stick Springerle molds are ideally suited for making cookies, decorating pastries and crafts.

The new molds of the season 2023/2024

We have developed a special process in our workshop for making user-friendly replicas of molds that are true to the original. The harmonious interplay between traditional craftmanship and contemporary technology leads to the high quality of our molds.

Our Springerle molds are food safe, officially inspected and certified. In addition, these Springerle molds are unbreakable and waterproof. We offer you quality with regard to material, form and workmanship.

A wall full of molds

With more than 1000 different replicates of original molds from the last 400 years, we provide what is the largest and most attractive selection of cookie molds in the world.

Ordering and Shipping

We only ship to orders from Switzerland and to Swiss addresses.
A typical swiss mold and cookie
Utilities to bake springerle cookies

You can find our molds and the accessories in our Online Store.

Recipes with Springerle Molds

If you would like to know the best way to make Springerle, tragacanth and paper casting, you will find the traditional recipes here.

Person preparing to bake springerle cookies
Baker carrying a tray full of springerle cookies

About Änis-Paradies

Linus Feller, owner of Änis-Paradies (english: Anise Paradise) is a market dealer, mold manufacturer, researcher, book author and exhibitor. With much joy and passion, Petra Mösli is the good soul in the background. We have operated Änis-Paradies for more than 38 years together with our staff.

Linus Feller on the market giving a cookie to a child
Petra Mösli doing office work

Market Timeline

For 38 years we have sold our self-produced cookie molds worldwide. During this time we also went to many fairs, trade fairs and Christmas markets. We were unable to find a recommendable, international successor in production and sales, so we now only ship our cookie molds and the matching accessories within Switzerland via our online shop.

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