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Cupcakes and Cakes

Cookie molds are often used for decorating cupcakes and cakes. The so called "rolled fondant" is well-suited for molding. Rolled fondant is a soft, pasty mass of sugar. It has a neutral taste and shows even the finest details of the mold pictures very well.

Recipe with rolled fondant

Roll fondant out to a thickness of 3-5mm, dust the mold lightly with powdered sugar and press it down evenly. Remove the mold and cut out the picture from the fondant with a pastry, biscuit or cookie cutter or a knife. Allow the molded picture to dry and then place it decoratively on the cupcakes or cakes.


  • Prevent remaining fondant from drying out by keeping it tightly closed.
  • Avoid excessive humidity.
  • Rolled fondant can also be easily painted over or dyed with food coloring (paste/gel). This will help you achieve color tones that match your other festive decorations.



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