Wellcome 100% Swiss Made more than 1000 Molds gegründet im Jahr 1985


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Information and Contacts

Mailing address: Änis-Paradies
Linus Feller
Schlossrainstrasse 7
CH-5013 Niedergösgen
Telephone: ++41 (0) 62 / 295 01 62
E-mail: info@springerle.com
Facebook: Änis-Paradies
Homepage: www.springerle.com

Distribution Partners

United States of America / Canada

Mailing address: Gingerhaus, LLC
1687 Anna Cade Rd
Rockwall, TX 75087

Managed by: Lee Shepherd
Telephone: 972 722 0590
E-Mail: info@springerlemold.com
Homepage: https://www.springerlecookiemold.com/springerle

Mailing address: Kitchen Vixen
307 E. 41st Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401

Managed by: Jennifer Krzmarzick
Telephone: 912 999 3392
E-Mail: jen@kitchenvixenbakery.com
Homepage: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KitchenVixenGiftWare

Mailing address: Springerle Traditions
8590 Meisner Road
Casco 48064 MI

Managed by: Gail Eppens-Casanova
Telephone: 586 855 8633
E-Mail: info@springerletraditions.com
Homepage: www.springerletraditions.com

Mailing address: Springerle Emporium
6' Brodge Street
Chelmsford, MA 01824

Managed by: Heather Wright
Telephone: 978 250 7482
E-Mail: hw@springerleemp.com
Homepage: www.springerleemp.com


Mailing address: Emma’s Springerle GmbH
Michaela Schwarz
Königspark BT 15
D-72525 Münsingen
Managed by: Frau Michaela Schwarz
Telephone/Fax: ++49 (0) 177 64 13 046
E-Mail: stuttgart@springerle.com


Mailing address: Artal Souvenirs
31, rue du Bain aux plantes
67000 Strasbourg

Managed by: Véronique Berger
Marc Berger
Telephone/Fax: +33 (0) 388 328 754
E-Mail: contact@artal-souvenirs.fr
Homepage: www.artal-souvenirs.fr


Mailing address: Partycupcakes
Marlies van der Meulen-Slappendel
Zijdeweg 53
2811 PD Reeuwijk

Managed by: Marlies van der Meulen-Slappendel
Telephone/Fax: +31 182 60 1804
E-Mail: info@partycupcakes.nl
Homepage: www.partycupcakes.nl


Mailing address: Cookie Cutter Shop
Michelle Bowles
PO Box 4527
Springfield QLD 4300

Managed by: Michelle Bowles
Telephone: +61 418 157 437
E-Mail: hello@cookiecuttershop.com.au
Homepage: www.cookiecuttershop.com.au

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